Largest and most important Christian church in Nha Trang
Located about 2 kilometers West of the central tourist area, the pagoda is a sacred place for people who practise Buddhism and also a nice place for those who want to do charity work
With convenient location in a crowded residential area, the church has become popular with many local people who practise Christianity through out many years.
Located about 2 kilometers West of the tourist area, the temple has become very popular with local people who practise Buddhism for many years. The temple is also serving as a school where monks come to learn and practise Buhddism.
Sunday: 5:00 am Other days: 4:45 AM
Sundays : 05:00, 07:00 , 16:00 Other days : 0500, 1700
Many services
Services on all days
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see service times below
Service times Sunday: 05:00, 08:00, 17:00 Other days: 04:45, 18:15
Service times Sundays: 05:00, 08:15, 16:00 Other days: 04:30, 17:00
Service Times Sundays:05:00, 08:15, 15:00, 1830 Other days: 04:45, 18:15
Service times Sunday: 05:00, 16: 45 Other days: 04:45, 18:15 Special days: Thursday 18:15, The 1st Thursday and Friday of the month : Morning : 04:45 Afternoon: 18:15